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The Importance of Change

Given by Jim Franks

When approaching the Passover, the subject of change is an important one. It is difficult to change, but there are examples that we have all seen over the years where people genuinely do change.

In my trips to Africa over the past 20 years I have seen how people have changed.  Here are some  good lessons for us as we approach the Passover.

Context, Pre-Passover Preparation

Given by Britton Taylor

To properly examine our spiritual well-being we need to know context. We need to know how far we have come to salvation. With God's help, we strive for perfection—the example that Christ set for us.

Let Us Keep the Passover

Given by Ralph Levy

As we approach the Passover, we must be careful not to fall into the wrong ditch. We should take the Passover soberly and in a spirit of repentance, but not in discouragement. Our focus is to be on Jesus Christ, our living Savior.

Jerichos and Accursed Things

Given by Clyde Kilough

As we approach the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread, a study of Joshua 5-7 is quite instructive. Not only did the events we read here transpire during this time of the year, more important, the spiritual lessons we can draw from this story are critically important, and as relevant now as they were over 3,000 years ago. What are your “Jerichos”?  What are the “accursed things” that pose temptations and spiritual dangers to us today?

A Pillar of Cloud and Fire

Given by Ralph Levy

When God brought the people of Israel out of Egypt, He gave them a pillar of cloud and fire to lead and guide them, and as proof that He never abandons His people.


Given by Jim Franks

Each year there is a Holocaust Remembrance Day.  It is on Nisan 27, which is 13 days after the Passover (evening of the 14th).  When Christ instituted the Passover service with His disciples, He said "do this in remembrance of Me."  What will you be thinking about during the Passover service?  What will you remember?

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